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We believe in helping our local community.  We want to be more than a local consignment sale!  We want you to feel like you’re a part of our family.   

Unlike traditional children’s only consignment items, we accept family consignment items, including juniors, women's, and men's clothing and accessories!  We also welcome home décor,home goods, small furniture items and we will also have an area for high quality handmade items, for that personal touch!   At our sales, you'll be able to shop for the entire family, all at the same time!


We are committed to selling only good quality, pre-owned (and sometimes new) items!   

At check-in, we will look over your items before drop off.  This assures that items with stains, holes, missing pieces, etc., do not take away from the shopping experience and lower the overall quality and reputation of our sales.  We want our shoppers to keep coming back!  There’s nothing more disappointing while shopping at a consignment sale, than to find that perfect outfit, in the perfect size, at the perfect price, only to discover there is a stain, tear, or missing button! 


Also, at pick up, we will do our best to help pre-sort your items to help make the pick-up process as smooth as possible.   


How to Consign:

1. Register at:

There is a $10 non-refundable registration fee, per sale event. This will save your spot, and enable you to start consigning! We charge for this upfront, so that we will know how many consignors to expect! 

Consignors will earn 65% of their sold inventory sales.

Volunteers can earn up to 75%!!!!

2. Gather up all of your items!

 Check for quality!  While there is no limit on how many items you may consign, we will check for quality at check-in.  Please, don't take it personally if we choose not to include an item. To help check before hand, please go over your items in a bright light source.  Clothing must be in season, as well.  We are unable to accept re-called items!  We also cannot accept old car seats or those that have been in any accident.

All items must have working batteries.  If we need to replace them, battery fees are:

$1 per AA or AAA

$2 per C

$3 per D or 9V

Any items requiring replacement of button type or other battery types will need replaced by each consignor and will therefore be removed from the sales floor, unable to be sold.

3. Price your items to sell!  Our minimum pricing starts at $1.00, and you may price in increments of .50. 

4. Once your items are entered, you will need to print them on white cardstock.  We will NOT accept tags printed on paper or any other color!  We will ask you to retag them, before your items are allowed on our sales floor!  

5. To tag your items, only use a tagging gun or saftey pins.  NO straight pins or staples, allowed!  ALL clothing must have the tag placed on the clothing tag! In the case of no clothing tag, then place it in the seam, but never through the clothing!  (A video will be posted on this!) Non-clothing items can be tagged with zip ties, or tape.  

6. We allow any type of hanger!  However, for our first sales season, while we figure out how many clothing racks we need, we prefer jeans, shorts, and skirts to be folded and placed on tables. 

7. Group your items together by size and item type.  This will make the check-in process go smoothly.  Once we check your items, you will place your approved items onto the sales floor.  

8. Pennsylvania law, requires certain items to be disinfected by us.  These items will be set aside at check-in and we will place them on the sales floor, once ready.

9. During the sale, you may log in and check your daily sales!  

10. After the sale, we will pre-sort (if not fully sort) your items so that you can pick them up and be on your way!  We do ask that you please consider marking your hangers with colored tape or something to set them apart.  This will help us a great deal in sorting after the sale!  

11. Get paid!  We will do our best to get your check in your hand as soon as possible! We are considering an online payment option, as well, but not sure if we'll be able to offer that option for our first sale season.